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Portfolios Management

Our Research department works in a structured and orderly way when examining new investment options and when monitoring and supervising existing investments. LWM offers representation on behalf of our clients, which includes negotiations with business organizations and financial institutions.

We believe that optimal asset allocation and careful diversification are crucial for risk management, which in turn improves returns. These management principles also contribute to making the portfolio ready for and resistant to extreme and unexpected volatility in the markets.

Among the many benefits of LWM’s portfolio management service:


  • Objective service, with no conflict of interests

  • Attractive fees and costs

  • Fully transparent

  • Multi-currency management option - shekels and/or foreign currency

  • The option to combine with traditional portfolios or create dedicated portfolios of Alternative Investments (such as: real estate, structured products, hedge funds, loans, etc.)

  • A variety of verified investment solutions

  • Risk management

  • Personal customization

  • Continuous Supervision - including adjustments to your changing needs and market conditions.


LWM’s Outbound Desk:

Our Outbound desk was established to give full-service support to Israeli companies on their international activities as well as monitor and share cross border investment opportunities.

Services are coordinated on a global basis and are designed to meet our clients’ needs for multijurisdictional support.

We provide the highest quality services in a proactive and cost-effective manner and, due to our in-depth understanding of local processing nuances, we can ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of over 100 different jurisdictions worldwide while looking at the most commercial way to act.

The desk includes core staff with proximity to our clients’ assets, as well as international experts and vendors.

The portfolio of clients we support globally is large and growing quickly.



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